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The New Album is Here!

The new album is hot off the press as they say… copies of the CD came shipped to the studio today and it looks awesome!

First Episode of Run My Makeover on HGTV

The first episode of Run My Makeover aired this morning on HGTV. Three days, 12-14 hours a day = 22 minutes of show. So much more goes into a renovation (planning, construction, building, designing, etc) than what you actually see. So many ‘takes’ and different versions of ‘takes’. I wish I could take you all on set for a day so you could catch a glimpse of the ‘inner-workings’ of what really happens when a show gets put together. I’ll post some of our own personal Flip video footage here in the coming weeks.. stay tuned..!

Congrats to the July Upholstery Series Class at The Furniture Joint

Just wrapped up the final class of the Thursday July Upholstery Series at The Furniture Joint. For the most part the students struggled with their steps (even so I hope they all still had fun!) however I couldn’t help but be amazed at the incredible diversity within the class. One of the many reasons I love NYC. Shirley, Gloria and Jumee all deserve certificates, hehe.

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