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Blog » Run My Makeover on HGTV -Cudzilo Master Suite

Run My Makeover on HGTV -Cudzilo Master Suite

The Cudzilo’s master suite should have been called master sauna it was hotter than hell in their attic master bedroom. If you didn’t know already, when a scene in a show is being taped everything needs to be quiet. That means construction crew, airplanes, the neighbors dog, etc, oh, and AIR CONDITIONERS. You know -the things that make life comfortable when your laying a floor for example. Regarding the infamous area rug I have to go with the Cudzilo’s on this one and not America, it was not good! However, if I could say one thing it is that that bathroom with the large tile was absolutely spectacular as was the reconfiguration of the whole bedroom space. BUT, honestly the best thing about their makeover was their delicious baby girl -she was and is soooo cute. Jay Baker (episode producer) you rule!

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