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Run My Makeover on HGTV -The Van Beke’s Basement

This past Saturday was Jill and Chris’s basement makeover. This was the very first episode that we shot (of 13). Here’s the backstory; 8 months ago HGTV hired me, over the phone after having seen me on a 3 minute pitch tape. No interview, no casting, no nothing. Next think I know I’m on a plane to Knoxville, TN to shoot the first episode of my first ever TV series. I’m meeting the producer and production company for the first time and an hour later their rolling tape on me. Holy shit! The Van Beke’s were the nicest people you could ever meet, and although it was the middle of February that we taped (and freezing cold) the experience was a ton of fun and really opened my eyes to how TV is actually ‘made’. I think that even though there were a lot of changes that happened after that episode (re; format, lighting, direction, etc.) to me, it was one of the strongest, most informative and best transformations (before and after) of the season.

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